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please help! how to get rid of my pimples & also the ugly scars?

i am 15. pimples occur since 2 yrs. at that time i had no control over my diet. now i am a bit fat with pimples all over my cheeks.

the scars are really ugly. but now i have got control over my diet .i am using "NOMARKS :::: anti acne /pimple cream".i find my face glowing (but still no result over my pimple marks).

now i plead u to suggest some working tricks to me.

also can u give me a good time table of dieting(for both acne/pimple control & lossing weight)?

i am from (tamilnadu)india. this scorching summer with dirt/polluted surroundings leaves a chance for the reoccurence of pimples. "PLEASE HELP ME "

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    Proactiv is the best stuff in the world. If you wear makeup, wash it off first before you use it, or the results won't be as good. If you can't get Proactiv, then go to the Wal-Mart nearest you and get AcneFree, which is basically the same thing. Good luck!

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    Nothing wrong

    its natural

    may be harmons inbalance

    just drink plenty of water

    don't apply soap on face

    eat salaad

    don't get oily

    don't apply any cream

    just wash face with normal water

    don't touch them

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