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Besides Vermont, Texas, and Hawaii, which states were sovereign countries before joining the US?

Am curious to know if other states were their own countries prior to being a state. This does not mean it belonged to another nation at one time, but in fact was it's own country in its entirety.

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    Vermont was never its own country. Where did you ever get that one??


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    Vermont 1777-1791 was such. Texas and Hawaii are also correct.

    No others: New Mexico, Arizona and California were part of Mexico. Utah thought about doing such. Alaska was a territory of Imperial Russia.

    However: all 13 Colonies were in fact independent sovereign states. Several that did not ratify the Constitution: Rhode Island and North Carolina.

    Several states also made treaties with such as France, England addressed each state as a separate "nation".

    Source(s): Catechism of the Constitution of the United States: 1858 Cruger
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    Key West seceeded and became the Conch Republic-no one cared though.

    Hawii and Texas are the only ones I know of, most were colonies or territories.

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    California was a republic for a week.

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