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what besides Yahoo or Google can I use to search?

I hate Google, all you get are irrelevant answers or Ebay answers, and Yahoo search engine sucks too. What other search engines are out there???

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    There are plenty of search engines. Works better if you choose them depending on what you are looking for. I'm pasting a few links that would be useful. If you are looking for information look no further than wikipedia. You could also try wikiseek which has been launched recently. Pretty quick! :)

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    there are a slew of search engines, the basis of almost all of them is a text algorythm that uses standard coding to attach what you have typed to similar phrases and text on pages..... is a slightly different coding sequence as it tends to look at the entire phrase rather than a few keywords or letters, so the results are all depends on what you type and how you phrase it as to what results you get......

    If you have IE7 installed you can see a list of the more popular search engines by clicking on the arrow next to the search box and selecting to "find more providers"

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    hi, i ask your self what you want the search engines for. in case you, say favor to promote your web site, the perfect ones are: Google Yahoo MSN in reality, Google administration nicely over 50% of the completed search for engine searches per day and it’s targeted on it better than others. There are thousands of alternative search for engines yet maximum are valueless. merely optimized, your pages for this reason and also you may want to arise on maximum search for engines with time. examine extra about this decrease than:

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    good morning from virginia, you can use or many other's. just type in search engine's in your yahoo or google search bar, then i'm sure you will find a lot of them. take care, jay

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  • 1 decade ago is a good search engine

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    You can use

    which is a yahoo and google combined search

    its still yahoo and google but its still cool


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    there is webcrawler, altavista,, and hotbot

    if you do a search for search engines it will bring up a list of them

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    Sometimes i use U just type ur question down and then it shows u answers to ur questions. Hope that helps!

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    no1 can beat GOOGLE

    hacker's Best Frd....

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