problem in networking ?

I work in a company which holds about 300 users , i'm the administrator ,,, all 300 users use same system for population and surely they don't have full access, the question is that i want to make update to the system they are using by sending an exe file to run automatically because i cancled the RUN option - which u can find it in start menu- for all user ..for security so they can't reach any shared folder because they don't have access to anything can make them see any shared folder on network ( no Run ,no my computer , no network neiborhood) so how can i send this folder to all users .... by the way i have ISA server .... i thought about convert msi extension to exe so i can send it as excutable file .. becuase the update file is in msi extension .... waiting for help


when i go to system configuration so in brows window there is no supported for iso ... only exe .. that is why i want to convert it to exe

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    In your Domain Group Policy editor, under the software configuration, you can load the msi or the exe file directly. So, when a user logs into his/her machine the next time, it will automatically run the software.

    This is the formal method of running remote installations. After the installations have been run by everyone, you can then remove that exe or msi and load another software or just remove it.



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