IF you get a doctorate degree, does that mean you can be called Doctor?

In medicine and science, yes. But how about in other courses like management, psychology, or business administration?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes. Everyone with a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, DO, EdD, PsyD, DD, etc.) gets called "doctor." Actually, in history, the PhD--doctor of philosophy--was the original doctorate and it applied to the liberal arts ("natural philosophy" now known as "science" was not a specialization until the 17th century or so, MD and those others are johnny-come-latelies).

    In my experience, the big difference (beyond all the work and knowledge) is that introducing yourself as "doctor" gets you better reservations at restaurants and creates an interesting impact when dealing with customer relations people.

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    1 decade ago

    If you have any sort of doctorate, you can use the "Doctor" title.

    There is one profession that seriously frowns on it, though. In the U.S., law school graduates receive a "juris doctor" degree. Every year, a few chucklehead new law grads go on newsgroups asking if they can call themselves Doctor. Every year, the rest of the profession says "go for it, that way we can all laugh at you."


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