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Hi. I went for scan on wednesday thought i was 21 and half weeks.?

When consultant done scan she put my dates back by ten days and is calling me back for another scan as she couldnt see everything. Has this happened to any one else and should I be concerned???

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    Hi....This happened to me and was so frustrating because I new i couldn't possibly have had my period when they said I would have had to for my new date....And I had a patient last night who was set back 10 days, too.

    When they figure out your due date, it's an estimate based on when your period was....however, when they do an ultrasound (though not usually this late if they can avoid it...usually around 10-12 weeks) they can measure certain bones to see what the due date should actually be...i've see patients with IVF have their dates changed when clearly the patient knew when the eggs were implanted and how old they were when they were implanted. It's very frustrating. Keep your old date in mind, and use the new date that the MD gives you....i'd be willing to bet you're going to deliver somewhere in the middle. There's science around it, but it's all an estimate.

    As for not being able to see everything....your baby might have been in a position that didn't allow visualization of all the things they check on to assure fetal well being and rule out any anomalies. It may mean something's up, but it likely means that they'll find nothing out of the normal...they just didn't see it.

    My due date by my period was june 1 and they changed my date to june 8. I delivered at 37.1 weeks by their due date (a little bit early...) and by my due date it was 38.1 who knows what it really was. My son looked more like a 37 weeker on physical exam, but was 7.5 lbs, which is more likely a 38 weeker. In the end it only matters if you are in preterm labor and at that time they'll probably go by the earliest date "just to be safe" or do another u/s to confirm.

    Good luck...and is it a boy or girl or still a surprise??

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    It also depends on the health and developement of the baby, but dont panic, the developement rate for every child is different, the docs just use a standardised guideline. A friend of mine went into labour at 36 weeks, so they stopped the labour, she went for an ultrasound 2 days later, and the technician tried to tell her she was only 32 weeks pregnant, which we knew was impossible, as she was only 5 weeks pregnant for the first scan, so that would have meant she was only 1 week pregnant at the first scan, not possible. She had a perfectly healthy birth at 38 weeks and had a perfectly healthy 5lb 2oz baby, she was just a really small little girl. The due dates are really only a guideline, thats why they dont really worry if you go into labour 3 weeks early, or 2 weeks late.

    Btw my first child came 10 days late and my second 10 days early.

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    99% of the time the due date changes with a scan. They can either go up or fall back about 2 weeks at the most. Sometimes baby is just not in a good position for them to see all that they want. Don't freak out about it, just enjoy another chance at looking at baby.

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    You shouldn't be concerned. That happens a lot. Before a scan, that date is just an estimate. Sperm can live in your body for a little while before conception.

    They need to do the scan to make sure the date is correct & they do that by the size of the baby. :)

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  • There is no exact due date when it comes to a baby. There are times when they jump ahead, or fall back some on the due dates. I am currently pregnant here with my 5th child, & at my last appointment I was measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule. But when they sent me for the ultrasound, I was right on & they jumped my due date up by 3 days. But when I was pregnant with my first they pushed his due date back by almost a week by his ultrasound. And when I had to have him c-sectioned the doctor said, "Oh, we could have kept him in there another week & he wouldnt have come out" So, you see.. the baby will come when its ready to. Dont worry it will all work out in the end.

    Take care of you & yours... and dont sweat the small stuff!!!

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    Yes, I completely understand. Due dates are also funny things.

    My due date is actually at week 41 because my doctor is anticipating that I will be like most first time mothers and go late. In his words, "Due dates that say, 'This is when the mother's 40th week is.' are useless. We want to say 'Around what date is the mother most likely to deliver.' That's what you want to know. That's what I want to plan for. In my opinion, you are showing no signs of being any different than the average woman pregnant for the first time - which is a good thing, but means that in all likelihood, you will go late. The date I gave you is my best guess of when you will actually go into labor."

    So, this taught me loud and clear that due dates also mean different things to different people. Lots of physicians calculate them differently.

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    what are you talking about because i don't understand i will do the same thing.

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