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Its depressing me!!?

I have a really goood friend.

who i like more than a friend...

Through hes always like calling me stuff as a joke but now its annoying!!!

and he gets shittty at me saying if things dont go my way i get shittty and accutally its him !!!

I cant go somewhere with him this weekend ca use there coming back a day im wokring and he full on cracked it and me and hanged up and want answer hes phone or anything!!

I texted him something mean but I dont care.

I am not sure if this friendship is evan worth keeeping.

I love him dearly he means alot to me but im over being t reated like this but then again hes so nice and stuff when I am with him theres not a moment we dotn laugh and have a good time but lately its not that anymore.

=[ I wanna keep the friendship but i dont know how much longer i can put up with hes moods.


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    In this life it's bad enough that we have to tolerate the idiosyncrasies of others and to have a "friend" that is that flighty can become a real pain. Surround yourself with people that are more caring and positive. Having a friend sometimes you have to put up with moods but you don't have to get shitted on in the process. You need to feel good enough about yourself and say screw you I don't need to take your crap and move on.

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