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well i mess up again?

my friend saw what i wrote about my ex and i think he up set but he dont know i dont want my ex i want him because i know my ex is going to hurt me again and i dont want to go back down that road again he think if i havent went where i was then i would have not seen my ex i might be 44 but im not old yet i still like tp party so i think he mad where did i go wrong

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    Your 44 and writing a post that makes no sense at all to me. Why would you care what your ex thinks? And furthermore, why the heck are your writing about him so others can see it? This is not something a mature 44 year old would do, but more so someone that is 14.

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    ok just relax and tell him that you dont want your ex you want him.....writing notes/letters to people without showing them is a way to get over something that happened between you...tell him that, that is what you did.....Tell him how happy you are when you two are together and how much you love him....

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    Please, no offense meant. In answer to your question:

    Where did I go wrong". you went wrong when you slept through grammar,punctuation, and English composition in school.

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    If I could understand your question, maybe I could answer it. Please explain and use punctuation. Your post is rambling and very confusing.

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