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any ideas in teaching hearing aid students?

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    This is a very broad question. First of all, the approach to teaching students with hearing aids is very dependent on what form of communication they use. Some are Auditory-Oral, meaning they only speak and do not sign. Some use sign language only. Some use "Total Communication" which is a combination of signing and speaking.

    Classroom placement is extremely important. You must make sure that the best side the child can hear from is facing the teacher at all times. Also, it is important to always be facing the hearing impaired students when you are speaking. They rely on lip reading to augment their limited hearing, and if you are talking while you are turned away from them (for example, writing on the chalk board) they are much more likely to miss what you are saying.

    Never ask the student "did you hear me" They will frequently say yes, even when they didn't hear you, to avoid embarassment. Ask them to repeat back to you what they think they heard you say.

    "Pre-teach" the material by sending home new vocabulary to the families *before* you introduce it in class so the hearing impaired students can review with their parents at home.

    I've added a couple of links below with strategies that are subject specific

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