Simulator of stars, constellations?

once I had a program that can show me stars, Planets and constellations on the sky. I dont remember the name. I set my position where I live, date, time and it shows me what starts can I see in the night. for tonight, last week, next year....

can someone please tell me the names of such programs, simulators?


I made a typo there

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    1 decade ago
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    This is exactly what you want

    it is awesome wiked 3d rendering its a screensaver but a full scale(well not full scale) simulated version of our universe with comets ,stars everything and tons o options for eberything how many stars,size of planest,if you want moons or not how fast the camera flys around and its FREE you can even update the picture file for the 3d rendering from JPL (nasa) you will not be disapointed check it out read the site,

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    1.The Sky Program, student edition offered through Orion telescopes

    2. Starry Night

    3. Sky 6.0

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    A lot of good stuff on John Walkers site A Solar System Live, Also WWU Planetarium is good but my absolute favorite is......

    David Chandlers Planet locator places the major planets in the constellations on any given day for many different years. The Best. If anyone is better, send me an email on it, please!

  • 1 decade ago

    There are quite a few free Astronomical Sky Chart programs but these 3 are fairly easy to understand.

    The Virtual Moon Atlas is very good.

    Hope this assists in your quest for knowledge in this fascinating hobby.

    Regards, L.

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  • Brant
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    1 decade ago

    Look up Sky View (Virtual Observatory)

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