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I would like to start a business performing at childrens' birthday parties. Any ideas on how to advertise?

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    hmmm......i would try the local paper. a little ad is cheap, and it gets good coverage. Fliers put up in key locations works well...... like at local places.....stores....comunity centers......etc......

    target your market toward parents.......

    but i would word the add a little better then your question, state what you are

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    Everyone has given you some great ideas!!! I use to do children's b-day parties for a while. I started my own clown business. I'm not sure what you are planning on doing but my business really took off! I had a press release done with some photo's of me dressed up and some of the local papers put it in print. That's all I really needed. Once I got my 1st party the ball just started rolling from there. It was such a popular idea that I had to turn business away every weekend because I was so booked! I also did some face painting & games.

    Good luck to you, it's a great idea! I'm sure you will do well.


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    People underestimate the wide readership of the local classifieds. It is an excellent and relatively cheap way to start a client-base for most new ventures. Also you can leave information at many community places such as the YMCA, local churches, daycares. Even cable advertising can be cheap depending on where you live and what times you are purchasing, find out from the cable providers. I'm talking more-so about the public access and public informations channels compared to larger channel advertising.

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    the common pin the tail on the donkey continually works for this age. attempt theming it on your occasion.(pin the nostril on the pumpkin in October, easter egg contained in the basket,and so on) How approximately musical chairs? attempt utilising carpet samples particularly of chairs. This works greater effective for the greater youthful youngsters and can be carried out interior or outdoors. purchase a roll of freezer paper. unfold it on the table with crayon or markers. the babies can shade a mural. This works ok simply by fact the visitors are arriving for the occasion. you would be able to additionally make squares for each new child to entice a individual photograph for the birthday boy. do no longer plan too many video games, the babies would rather particularly run and make noise. The final b-day occasion I attended had 6 video games. It took continuously. most of the babies had to leave earlier the presents have been opened. 4 hours replaced right into somewhat overdone. Have a large time!

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    put adverts at shops near schools, or ask at local schools if you offered to perform for a discount at fetes etc, would the allow you to hand out leaflets. also the phone book under children's entertainer and have a website. most moms go on the Internet or word of mouth to get a children's entertainer. good luck :)

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    Good places to advertise would be anywhere that Mums go, they control the birthday parties, for example supermarket notice boards, kindergarten school notice boards, children's health clinic notice boards, community centres, church notice boards, also don't forget once you do one there will be lots of kids mums to take your details....

    Good luck.

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    By looking in the phone book and calling people in the book and informing people or comercialing.

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    try posting ads at grocery stores, party stores etc...

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    make a simple commercial do discounts,do specials.

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