where is the deadsea?

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    The Dead Sea is between Israel and Jordan.

    It is the lowest point on earth and also the saltiest.


    Sounds kinda creepy, doesn't it? It's called the Dead Sea because nothing lives in it. It is some of the saltiest water anywhere in the world, almost six times as salty as the ocean! The Dead Sea is completely landlocked and it gets saltier with increasing depth. The surface, fed by the River Jordan, is the least saline. Down to about 130 feet (40 meters), the seawater comprises about 300 grams of salt per kilogram of seawater. That's about ten times the salinity of the oceans. Below 300 feet, though, the sea has 332 grams of salt per kilogram of seawater and is saturated. Salt precipitates out and piles up on the bottom of the sea.

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    it is located on the border between Israel, The West Bank, and Jordan and lies in the Jordan Rift Valley. The main tributary is the Jordan River.

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    The dead sea is between the west bank of israel and jordan. It lies in the Jordan rift valley.

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    The dead sea is between the west bank of israel and jordan.

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    In Jordan.

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    Its eastern shoreline is in Jordan, its western shoreline is in Israel. it's shoreline is the lowest place on earth (that's dry land). It is so salty that you can't sink.

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    it is somewhere between Israel and Jordon

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    it is between israel & jordan

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    by isreal!

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