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Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Satan and the Almighty?

I have seen in other Q-A many say that God does not want us to be in pain and Satan is the one whom is out to hurt us in the after life.

In any event. This is just a fear tactic to control people. If God had this great power and wished us to have a happy after life. All he would have to do is simply snap his fingers and hell would be gone. Is the Almighty Almighty or just a little mighty?

This is really noy funny. Please stop believing such blasphemy. There is not both an all powerful and loving God as well as Hell.


If God is everything thing he is the devil and is evil.

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    Amen brother.

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    Hold on.

    Since the year 2000, God has given sign after sign- especially to christians. And how many of them have bothered?

    Do you think the constitution to unite heaven and end the war, to end Hell is a dream? It is as real as the declaration of independence, as your or me.

    But has that awakened christian minds? Not a chance.

    How about - the united state of humanity, the coming of a new Jerusalem as foretold? Has that opened the eyes of christians praying for a miracle- for a specific sign as listed in the Bible? You have to be kidding.

    Not one. Not one has said yes, here are the marks of divine revelation. They are stone silent.

    What about a call from God to bring forth an elected leader, not a dictator of some church, but a true holy representative of all Christians and Jews?

    What about bringing forth a true democratic spiritual leader to United Islam by the hand of Allah?

    It seems the very people who keep telling us the End Times are coming, that God is love, that they are open to the signs are somehow both blind and deaf to it...

    So what is God to do?

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    God is Heaven, the only true Hell is on this Earth... The opposite of God is darkness and inside the human scull it is dark.

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    i believe in hell,gods,demons,satan and anything about religion.

    hell does have because of many people have done many sins in their lives

    gods want us to do good because gods does not want us to suffer pain in hell hearing sinful people screaming for pain

    gods make hell because human want justice because now of days many people were killed!so the exist of hell!

    Source(s): i have read a book that people who done sinful deeds will end up in pain!so try to do good than bad good will grow the good seed but bad will grow bad seed!amitabha!
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    I believe in good and evil in all of human kind.

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    To each his own belief. One man's meat is another man's poison.

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