"... I'm not the little girl you were once so proud of Dad, but-"?

"WAIT! WHAT?!" His boisterous tone was that of disbelief and gave me a clear and all too familiar picture of the man on the other end of the phone line.

"When did I EVER say I was proud of you?!" he demanded.

My mouth really did drop open; I'm not just saying that.

It was probably no more than two seconds, but it seemed like an eternity until he spoke again. "Well you know if you ask, you're going to get the truth."

"You interrupted me." I thought, but didn't dare speak.

Are there any parents out there that aren't proud of their children? Did you tell them? What did he/she do or not do that made you feel that way? Just trying to find a way to cope. Any insight is welcomed. Thanks

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    My parents never said anything like that to me. My mom told me from the time I have my first memories that I should never have been born, I ruined her life, and everything was my fault. My father ignored it and he never told me he loved me until my wedding day and he's gone now. Now my mom wants me around to help her with stuff because my brother and sister won't. Suddenly, I'm wanted and needed. I just don't answer the phone and I moved 100 miles away. Let her deal with it herself. Yea, I'm mad and harboring bad feelings toward her, but she asked for it.

  • Mary B
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    One thing to remember is that parents are people and they are not perfect either please do not beat yourself up over this. I have a son that is in prison. When he was sent there is was not proud of him for it. He was stealing and I know I taught him better than that, but he didn't care. I am now trying to be proud of him for admitting what he did wrong. I feel it Will take a while to get there though. Then there are some truly mean spirited parents out there. My father once told me I was useless and it tore me up. but then I had to realize that he really just did not like himself so he did not know how to love or care about anyone. It was not just me he was that way with. Believe in yourself no matter what your parent thinks. I am sure there are others out there that are proud of you. Just do things that make you proud of yourself. Remember that you need to like who you see in the mirror everyday.

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    I'm so sorry you went through this. He sounds exactly like my dad. I adopted my son, and my father says that I'll never be his mother and that I made a big mistake in adopting him. Needless to say, my father and I are estranged.

    I am very proud of my son and I try to tell him that often.

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    I would NEVER say that! Well let me rephrase that,I have told my kids I'm not proud of their decisions, but I also make sure they understand why and that it doesn't change the fact that I Love them, mine are also very young, I have a strained relationship with my dad too but I only take his opinion with a little salt.

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  • Miki
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    that must of been so awful, what a smack in the face. tell your dad, u r not very proud of him either.

    i am very proud of my son and i love him very much. even if i did not feel proud of him for a moment, i would never break his heart and tell him that.

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