have a ghost in the house and a few times fondled my wife how can we make this ghost leave?

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    Dear Hawaiian, if you are authentically wishing to rid your house of ghosts, you must call upon the angels. Go and get pictures of angels and put them around the house. When there is trouble call out loud, angels of God please come to assist us. Say the prayer to the Guardian Angel every day:

    Angel of God, my Guardian Dear, to whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day (or night) be at my side, to Light, to Guard, to Rule and to Guide. Amen

    Love is not molestation, Love is not abuse. Love is safety, comforting, trusting, caring, kind and compassionate. Love is committment, nurturing, embracing in endearment and trust.

    The angels serve God out of Love. I pray that you will, too.

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    first of all, a Oujia isn't a sport or a toy. i do not care if Walmart sells them or no longer. they are regularly extremely risky. the basically element finished properly right here's that you weren't on my own. that would want to were some distance worse. truly, the oujia is an open door. there is not any thanks to regulate what comes through it or what that spirit's intentions are. the rationalization that it maximum in all possibility worked this time the position it hasn't interior the previous, is that someone interior the team is more advantageous of a "psychic sponge". that is someone who's more advantageous open to, or has an ability about them that spirits are more advantageous attracted to. This human being has likely had different occurences and knows this about herself. yet another possibility is this spirit has been there, in that residing house, for some time and also you and your pals disturbed and perchance disillusioned it. yet another element you should be conscious of is in case your going to open your self as a lot because the oujia board you should, a million) under no circumstances accomplish that the position you stay, and 2) continually close the relationship spiritually in the previous you position the board away. or you're plauged through spirits you don't want close to you. Now, you'll want a sage smudge stick, a white candle, and both some holy water or rose oil. As you burn the smudge stick and candle, you should stroll through the residing house (wearing this stuff with you) and say a prayer to launch the damaging spirit out of your position. Be agency with the words that you opt for and make it clean that you're going to basically enable love and gentle into your position and heart. even as putting forward the prayer you'd be sprinkling the holy water or rose oil for the era of each and every window sill and doorway. The objective is to get the spirit to leave the residing house and lock it out so as that it can't renter. in case you experience that the spirit hasn't extremely left through the time you end you should enable the candle and smudge keep on with proceed burning on a hearth possibility-free floor (ie. in a large bowl or plate) for twenty-four hours. i desire this enables. sturdy success and Blessed Be.

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    I think the Roman Catholic church might have a rite for chasing away ghosts if you can persuade a priest to do it. Some Protestant churches also do exorcisms and such, since Jesus has the power to compel spirits.

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    You need to pay more attention to your wife.

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