Windows Vista Upgrade for Vaio?

I'd like to install a vista for my laptop. I recently downloaded the vista advisr and ive learned that there were so many pre-installed programs/hardwares that I needed to un-install before I download the vista. Question: Will I still be able to upgrade the un-installed programs that I removed when my vista has been downloaded already? Is this safe for my laptop? Experts...please advise. Many Thanks and God Bless!!

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  • MARK
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    1 decade ago
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    Don't un-install anything.Vista will do it automatically and tell which programs are not compatible.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the chances are very unlikely, for those program were probably told to be uninstalled because they won't work on windows Vista. They will probably become quite useless, unless you go and buy a newer version of that software that supports Windows Vista, if there are any available. Also, i wouldn't recommend you to get windows down on your laptop now, since it's still very new and there are still a lot of bugs and errors, and this may have a chance of damaging your data or can become quite annoying. You should wait a while until most of the bugs have been fixed, it will run more smoothly.

  • Ken
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    1 decade ago

    Amanda, I got Vista as an operating system on my Vaio and I'm not too happy about it. It is not fast at all. I'm still using my basic office applications and playing one PC game and surfing the internet. That's all I do. I do more on my XP machine and eventhough it is a slower PC, it can run my game Ghost Recon 3 but not on this laptop, eventhough I spent three times more money on it. Boo hoo.

  • 4 years ago

    to this point as i'm in contact, the letters VISTA stand for extremely Inefficient application to avert, and maximum everybody is averting it like a affliction. i might sidestep it if I have been you. it will make your laptop sluggish and unreliable. It probably won't artwork with many of the peripherals and alertness courses you already own. different than the "eye candy" of the hot Aero interface, what precisely does Vista furnish? stronger DRM, dropping great quantities of CPU supplies monitoring itself to be sure you at the instant are not "tampering" with it, incompatibility with many peripherals and alertness courses, and so on. and then of path there is the each and daily license validation, and the possibility of having your laptop thrown into "decreased function mode" and locking you out of your courses and records if for some reason your license fails to validate. it fairly is no longer stuff that i might want in an working gadget, yet this is basically me. and that i think you're attentive to the undeniable fact that when you place in this "show improve" to domicile windows Vista, your domicile windows XP license is invalidated. As area of the attitude of activating the Vista improve, the serial style of domicile windows XP--that's imprinted on the license sticker on the backside of the laptop--is transmitted to Microsoft. That quantity is perpetually blocked so which you will in no way back deploy and activate domicile windows XP with it. as a result, in case you place interior the Vista "improve" and are available across that it sucks, you will no longer be able to re-deploy XP till you purchase yet another replica of domicile windows XP.

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  • 1 decade ago

    check it out & let me know

    yup ^ link is for usa site

    i will need link to your laptop, to comment

    >> u will appreciate that !

    ok, here is your support page

    link ^ is uk site

    seems pretty exhaustive

    yet, i will sure hesitate as the vaio's are notorious in that they use the maximum of proprietary stuff

    plus, i do not see any benefits besides sporting new looks

    ** be fore-warned, it will sure slowdown your operations

    vista is a huge resource hog, so unless u upgrade ram or something, your applications will take longer to respond

    despite the fact that you have 1 gb ram with 128 mb dedicated graphics

    just my comments, now your decision !

    i do not even know, if u can revert back to win xp, should you ever decide upon, or need to

    do you have the restore disks ?

  • 1 decade ago

    Vista should prompt you it is about to configure and adjust your computer files in order for you to use Vista. Allow it to do so. Yes, you can trust Vista.

    Source(s): Dell's Windows Basic Inspiron...
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