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Please suggest which Mobile Phone service is best with Prepaid GSM service and GPRS/EDGE for Thailand travel.?

Vacation in Thailand - so planning to buy a Prepaid GSM card.


With GPRS/EDGE service.

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    You'd be better off buying a local SIM Card in Thailand and putting it inside your phone, when you get there. You can buy it at the airport. It costs only 200 Baht. And you get 50 Baht worth of calls with it. When your phone runs out of money, then you can buy a re-charge card at any mobile phone shop in Thailand and add funds to it. You can ask the shop keeper to add the funds for you, when you buy the re-charge card.

    The local calling rates are 10 times cheaper than what you would get with a pre-paid roaming GSM service from Europe or North America.

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    The two biggest options for you are AIS's service called 'One to Call' and Dtac's service called 'DPrompt'.

    I've used both and of the two I find that AIS has a slight edge on coverage inside Bangkok and a noticeable edge on coverage outside of Bangkok. Look at the airport for an AIS booth after existing customs.

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    They are all good. I always use DTAC. It costs 200 baht for a number with 50 baht of calls included...that's 4 euros...can't beat that...Each call is about 5 baht! SMS messages are also 5 baht. But the others are just as good, although I've never tried them.....you can even change your menus when you call them to English...have the guy you buy it from do it for you......simple to top up your account to...takes about 5 seconds.....have fun!

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    A friend got free GPRS on DTAC, so you might want to check this out.

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