Can a person have a negative ra titer and still have rheumatoid arthritis?

I have been sick for almost 3 years several tests have been done. I have had a negative and 2 positive and another negative for ra titer so I am confused do I or don't I have RA? I still feel very tired legs hurt my eyes are killing me but I have no swelling or imflamation please help!!!

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    I would defintely say that you either need to get a new regular physician or that your current doctor needs to see about giving you a referral. There is a possibility that you may have RA even though you are testing negative. However, you may have something else. You mentioned about your eyes bothering you. Have you been diagnosed with Uveitis? Or conjunctivitis? You could have one of the conditions that is listed as a Sondyloraphy ( I think that I missed spelled that). I have one of the conditions that fall under that label and it is called Reiter's Syndrome also known as Reactive Arthritis. People with this conditon can test negative for the RA but may test positive for a gene protein called HLA-B27 but then again you can also test negative for it but most likely if you have this condition or one of the related ones you will probably test positive for it.

    I would defintely see about seeing someone different. Apparently I had my condition for years and it wasn't until last August that I was finally diagnosed. I was always told that I was too fat and smoked to much even though I had complained about the same type of pain for years. I feel better now that I know that there really is something wrong with me before I doubted myself all the time and started to believe that maybe the doctor was right. It wasn't until my leg started to go numb and he decided to do an MRI and realized what my problem was. Once he saw the results everything fell into place along with my past medical history.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope that things start to turn around for you. Keep pushing until you find out what is wrong.

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    get a test for hcv antibodies where many are inconclusive when it comes to testing for RA- instead they have is a symptom of some underlying disorder.

    many who have hcv have been in your shoes. no one thinks to test for antibodies for hcv beyond a normal liver panel lab result, but many have normal alt and ast levels and have chronic hcv which can contribute to RA like symptoms or "fibromyalgia".

    good luck!

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    see a rheumatologist!! i had similar difficulties with my scleroderma-sometimes clinical evals are enough for a dx. have them check for Lyme's disease-it can have the same affect on your body.

    Whats your sed rate? that one checks for active inflammation-have a basic ana panel run-which im sure they have-then if anything is elevated they can go more sensitive on the testing--good luck and i hope you get answers soon.--i know how frustrating this all is

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