Why is the size of Neon Atom smaller than Sodium Ion??

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    Neon with atomic number 10 is an inert gas and exists as mono atomic gas phase ,therefore, its atomic size is small. On the other hand Sodium is having atomic number 11 ie it contains 11 protons and 11 electrons, sodium ion is formed by removal of one electron from sodium atom. The sodium ion is smaller than the sodium atom as the 3rd orbital accommodating one electron has been removed to give sodium ion,now 11 protons have to attract 10 electrons that too with smaller size. So the sodium atom is smaller than the sodium atom .

    If we compare the size of Neon atom with the sodium ion , neon atom is smaller due to its existence in gaseous phase only, while the sodium ion will exist in solution only.

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    a million. The means that it takes to do away with or upload an electron from and to an atom 2. Im kinda tough in this, yet commonly the atoms with the smaller atomic radius have larger ionization energies, by using fact the electrons are closer to the constructive value. 3. Electronegativity is the affinity of an atom to entice an electron 4. i think of the atoms interior the better seventh team, which contain flouride, have the optimal electronegativity, on the grounds that they are on the component to completeing the outer shell whilst the noble gases (8th team) have the backside on the grounds that their shell is already finished

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    Neon is atomic number 10 with 10 protons and 10 electrons, it's atomic mass is approximately 20.

    Sodium is atomic number 11 with 11 protons and 11 electrons, its atomic mass is approximately 30.

    Electrons have almost no mass, so the loss of a electron in the sodium ion doesn't have much effect of the atomic weight. remember atomic weight it almost entirely due to protons and neutrons.

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    It has something to do with the nucleus of the atom pulling the electrons in towards it... sorry I can't remember much more

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