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I am 55 years,what is the best way of ensuring that my heart remains OK ; diet only or diet and carefree life?

I have lived in the fast track in life.My diet and other habits have been in accordance with that suggested by doctors.I have been a keen tennis and golf player.Yet two years back during a routine checkup one of my artery was blocked.A stunt has been the solution.I feel great ,though still working hard I have started taking life more easy ,accept things as they come - I am not racing against time in short given up the habit of trying to go for the best .What all I need to do, to live bettter life and hopefully live longer.

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    Keep your diet healthy. Stay away from animal fat (meat, dairy products). If you have to have them, make it for a special occasion. Eat lots of vegetables. Try taking CoQ10 daily.

    Keep exercising and getting the heat muscle working hard to push all the blood through it. This will help with stress.

    In short, a good diet, exercise and a more laid back attitude towards life will help your heart stay strong.

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    John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia walks every day. Unfortunately for the Labour party that means that he is as healthy as an ox.

    Find a nice beach somewhere and stroll away at sunset with someone you love. Take up fishing. Golf phew. No wonder you had a blocked artery.... stressful game.

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    It sounds like you are on the right track:

    Regular exercise

    good attitute

    dont complain abdout what you dont have , focus on what you have( it looks like you already do that)

    take it easy, pamper yourself

    have your cholesterol checked

    get a massage

    Have a romanitc night

    dont get stressed

    keep your check ups regular with your family doctor

    Enjoy family time

    Life is short and you have to live to the fullest, because none of us know what is around the corner for us. It sounds like you got a whisper of warning and you are taking the steps to do everything right! You should give yourself a pat on your back.

    Have a nice day:) from someone who has been in your shoes

    Source(s): my own life, check the canadian heart and stroke website or I know the US has a site as well for tips.
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    Diet and excercise should work. However, the doctors should probably have tried a STENT rather than a STUNT 2 years ago.

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