With the White House in trouble over call girls and Wolfowitz in hot water over hanky panky at World Bank...?

How is "the Party that owns the morality franchise" -- the G.O.P. -- going to spin this? What do you wanna bet Limbaugh is working on how this behavior can be connected to the war on terror in the Bush base mind? (early drafts -- "If our dear G.O.P. leaders can't be given the same latitude in personal behavior and spin as I was with my decades-long drug abuse, the terrorists have already won.") ---???

Will their slogan stop being "Stay the Course" and become "Save the Bacon"???

Cons, you have a lot of explaining to do. -- And I bet you can't do it without invoking Bill Clinton's name. CANNOT DO IT! What happened 8 years ago is all you have.

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    1 decade ago
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    History has a way of repeating itself as the observation goes. Sooner, or, later, as the tide continues to turn, the people will respond to the pervasive sickness that permeates this regime and the land, and do something about it. The populace will once again become sick and tired of the sickness. When that happens, and I do believe that day is coming, a second president in my lifetime will be leaving the White House in disgrace. The people will line the streets and salute farewell to the commander-in-thief in similar fashion to how they "welcomed" him on "inauguration" day, June 20, 2001. The difference this time will be, however, that George W. Bush will be leaving the White without legitimately having been elected in the first place.

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    1 decade ago

    With the imminent self-destruction of the GOP looming on the horizon.....I am sure all the nazineocon pundits are working overtime to figure out a way to spin the mud onto the democrats. This is sure to fail so look out for a last ditch effort of some crazy mastermind scheme by Rove and company.

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    It's all, Out of Sight, Out Of Mind, for the G.O.P.

    I will be surprised if the Cons are going to address any of this.

    Yet strangely enough, the Republicans are still going to vote their party despite all these scandals.

    It says a lot of their moral standings.

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    Another in a long list of scandals by this criminal administration.

    Your right, cons won't be able to not bring Clinton up.

    Rush and Hannity are working overtime to spin this.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a republican and I thank God my family doesn't have the morals of this regime!!!

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