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What are you hoping for off your kids for mother's day?

Ok i'm a single mother of three kids and

each year i go out and buy things for myself from my kids...

thought i'd ask this question to get some ideas for this year..

i am buying a new stereo but don't know anything else to buy...

please help me..

the youngest child (6) goes to the mother's day stall at school...


to explain the stereo ..

to celebrate being their mother....

each year on mother's day i buy a large item for everyone in house to share..

last year was a hammock..

year b4 a breadmaker..

hope this helps..

and no i don't want a car one day...

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    If your children are young, the best presents I enjoyed from mine at that age were handmade things.....I have many of them still to this day in frames and photo albums......Ask them to draw or color you a picture......Have the oldest one put them in an album (you can get one at the dollor store).....Also, ask them to make you homemade mother's day cards. Nothing like personal touches from your children!!!

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    I sure don't like this idea at all buying your own gifts from your young children for Mother's Day. It sending the wrong message to your children.

    If the children are in school, normally they make something for Mother's Day ... like a card etc. This should be sufficient for any Mother.

    You could ask a friend to take them to a card store and let them pick out their own card for you. Or perhaps a florist and buy you a rose. This would mean more to the children then you picking out your own gift.

    If your buying yourself a stereo for Mother's Day when the children are 6, what will you expect from them when they are 36 ... a car?

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    Buying things for the house is nice but it's not really a gift to you now is it?

    When my 3 children where little we went for a bike ride and stopped for a picnic lunch and made a day of it. We would bring badminton rackets and player for hours.

    We also did things like go to a movie together or rent one and have family movie night all in our pj's and we'd have popcorn together curl up on the couch.

    We played board games and did things together as mother and children. On rainy mothers days we did arts and crafts too.

    We went to the local nursery and got things for a garden and they helped plant it and take care of it every day. When they where young they where amazed to see the plants grow and give us food. They loved it.

    We did lots of things to spend the day together that really didn't involve lots of money.

    So from one mother to another I wish you a very happy mothers day and I hope my suggestions are helpful.

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    My daughter walks in with a very large pepsi and then leaves for the whole day. Peace and quiet. That is all I ask for..

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    Just to spend the day with my daughter.Quality time with my daughter is all I want.

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