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Wisteria vines near a wall?

I am thinking of planting Wisteria near a wall so it will cover the harsh lines of the architecture. Is that going to curtail it growth as I have heard it should be ground near structures like arbor, fence, etc?

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    For really prolific flowering Wisteria needs some root restriction, this can be done with bricks below ground. The roots need to grow, but also to struggle a little. Wisteria will need wall support, perhaps a LARGE trellis, or wires from gutter to ground. The plant will need `tying in` as Wisteria is a lax grower and will need wall support.

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    I had a magnificent one which was growing up under a verandah edge, supported by the posts and some wire, to train it along. It worked well. I've seen many growing in all sorts of places, so I don't think it would matter been near a wall. As long as it has plenty of support, where you can help it along as it grows. It will be very heavy.

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    That sounds nice. But if you plant it next to your home it will invade it. Once it takes root you cant get rid of it. It keeps coming back.

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