Ne1 know How to Play Icewind Dale II, with No Disc...?

Help please, or Using Disc one

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  • 1 decade ago
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    do you already have the original discs? Use Daemon Tools to create a CD image and tricking the computer that the disc is in your CD drive.

  • 1 decade ago

    The above poster is correct.

    You could try any CD emulator program. Create your CD's image first and then load the image with the emulator. There are a lot of program that could do this. I don't know which CD-protection that Icewind Dale II use, you could try asking in the forum.

    One program that could do both (ripping + emulation) is Alcohol 120% (you will need to register it).

    Another method is by using a patched exe file to play the game. You'll need to find a modified *.exe file for Icewind Dale II that will allow you to play the game without the CD. Simply start your game with this file. This would only work with full installation.

    Use google to find it. Mind you, I won't recommend the pacthed file method (in worst case, it might contain a virus !!).

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