What are things I need to know if moving to El Paso TX?

My husband is in the military and we are PCSing to Ft Bliss Tx. What are some things that we definitely need to see while we are there? Places we need to stay away from? Great restaurants? Any suggestions or ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!

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    El Paso is a great border town. Some people would warn you not to go to Juarez, Mexico but the fact is it it's a neat little tourist town just across the border. If you go I wouldn't recommend eating the food on the streets or drinking water unless it's bottled. El Paso has just under 700,000 people and it is rapidly growing. As for things to do, well water sports are out unless you go to Elephant Butte Lake which is just outside of El Paso. For winter sports Ruidoso New Mexico is a couple of hours away. There is hiking in the Guadalupe mountains, Carlsbad Cavern is a couple hours away. In short El Paso is a very laid back place and I'm sure you will love it here. Great Restaraunts and shopping

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    Not to be flippant, but a rough understanding if Spanish is helpful. El Paso ( Sp. "the pass") is on the International border, and occasionally there are problems with Mexican nationals who cross into the United States to work, and from gangs in neighboring Juarez, Mexico fighting over drug turf.

    Do a "Yahoo" search for "Fort Bliss, Texas", then scroll down to the 5th item (Fort Bliss, Texas-detailed profile) for detailed information, and other links for military families moving to Fort Bliss.

    Having said that, would you please tell your husband that my family and I said "Thank You" for his service and sacrifice to the country.

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    I hope you speak spanish.

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