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Should we all start spamming these boards like some of the users here?

This is for questions and answers, not for promoting the supposed merits of one religion over another.

Take it elsewhere.


WOW. I never thought this many people would agree with me. Thank you all so very much.

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    I agree. Discussing religion is great, but I don't like religion shoved down my proverbial throat, right? You must be the third person who voiced this question already. Thank you!

  • A-chan
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    I agree, but how do you think we can stop them. Unless we report them I see no other way of getting rid of them. However, I see no wrong in asking sincere questions about religions to get sincere answers, after all this is the religion and spirituality section. I agree that promoting religion is unnecessary though.

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    Seems like there are no "rules" anyway. Kind of like our society in general today!

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    I am also annoyed. And also childish questions like who do you like the best and who is meanest...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    agreed, but what would you like to 'spam?'

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    Amen :)

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