Please help me!! I'm on the verge of despearation!?

I like a girl and have told her my feeling last year, which she said she just wanna be friends. Since then we continue to be friends and we often help each other out. I stand up for her, etc.

But there's also this other guy who is after her and ... I do not know how she feels about him and even how she feels about me now as we're speaking. Some time ago I thought that I got some signals from her that she begins to like me, but.. Moreover, people are teasing her about that boy.

In today's group meeting, a classmate of that boy was teasing her saying that he was her "boyfriend" and her expression was straight, saying No to that and she even keeps saying that she does not have any boyfriend. i was just there standing.

But, she's also kind to me. I dont dare to talk to her though and I did not show any sign that I do like her to others. But, she stopped replying to my text message: Dont know why. But, she did agreed to join a school committe, which I asked her to. So, @ least she's ok

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    loveperp-----------you have only one shot--------get brave---march up to her with a friendly smile and ask"

    " I have just been wondering---------if you would like to hang out?"----------"We could go to the ___________with me?"

    think of a place that she would like-The Mall is always a good place for romance.

    Source(s): if this works you got it goin on------if you don't try you are going to lose anyway-------try it
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    This is no reason to be so desperate because she didn't reply to your text messages. You need to be a bit more sure of yourself so you can speak with her during school. When you see her in school, just ask her if she is OK as you sent her a couple of text messages and she didn't reply.

    Be pleased that she would like you to be her friend. AND she means just a friend. Build on that friendship so she can trust you and be more and more comfortable with. You need to build your self-confidence up so you can have nice conversations together.

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    Seems to me that you have three choices: you can tell her again that you have feelings for her (maybe her feelings have changed), or you can accept that the two of you are just friends and do your best to stop liking her and focus on the friendship, or you can keep quiet and keep agonizing over it. Personally, I wouldn't go for the last one. I'd say either tell her how you feel, or stay friends with her but try to move on romantically. Good luck!

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    If she has already told you that she likes you only as a friend,forget her!You ve lost THAT game.Get out there and find another girl!There are plenty ones!

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  • 1 decade ago

    just continue to show her you like her and of course to others.

    afraid of rejection? dont be,at least you are being honest with your feelings toward her.courage.

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