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whitehead under my chin?

im guessing its a white head b/c there was a pimple under my lip before

ugh please try to tell me what would get that whitehead out of my life. also i need hep trying to get the red spots around to fade

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    Yes, that's what it is- a pimple come to a head. Apply heat with a damp washrag, hot as you can stand as often as you can stand it. That will make it drain shortly. When it does, apply a drop of tea tree oil directly to the spot and leave it alone. The redness will fade fairly quickly as the skin heals itself. Redness if from increased blood supply to fight the infection of the zit and heal the skin being damaged. No help is really needed from you, so don't poke, prod or squeeze because it just makes matters worse. Lacking the tea tree oil, a nice hot teabag works well too- the tannic acid in the tea helps kill bacteria as well. Keep your hands very clean, wash before you touch your face at all. Keep your hands off the pimples unless you are putting on the heat or tea tree oil. Witch hazel makes a nice soothing wash/rinse for the face as well, it's cheaper than the acne washes too.

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    Exfoliate babe.

    Remove makeup


    Mask (once a week)


    Gentle cleanse (foam wash)

    and Moisturize

    Oh and DONT use acne washes unless you have severe acne because those do WAY more harm than good.

    Aveda products are awesome... Neem face mask 'highly recommended' also.. write this down, Clinique moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief- emollient free and good for any kinda skin.. wont make you greasy.

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