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im doing a report on East Timor,Can Anyone help??

i mainly need stuff on their religion and how it influenced and change their rights, responsibilities and roles throughout their lives!

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    Human Rights Watch World Report 2001: East Timor: Human Rights Developments

    Many East Timorese returning from West Timor were abused for alleged militia ... of Inquiry on East Timor (ICIET), the group issued a report on January 31, - Report cites East Timor suffering - Jan 18, 2006

    ... of East Timor led to the deaths of up to 180,000 people, a U.N. report cited by ... Report cites East Timor suffering. Newspaper: U.N. says Indonesia used starvation

    Report From East Timor, 9/5/99

    Report from East Timor ... I have seen East Timorese defy militia and military ... West Timor, perhaps to bolster an argument for East Timor's

    Amnesty International Report 2002 - Asia and the Pacific - EAST TIMOR

    ... Report 2002 - Introduction. This Amnesty International Report documents ... Link to the Amnesty International library of documents on East Timor. back to top!Open

    East Timor: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources

    ... Internet resources on the newly independent nation of East Timor: its rocky road ... Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: East Timor

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    You may want to read "Tetum Ghost and Kin" by Dr. David Hicks. It's about the Timorese's culture/religion and how politics have change that.

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