hand cramps?

I have very sever cramps in my left hand. I write with my right. I cant seem to find any information on lie any advice?


I had a ganglion cyst removed there about 10 yrs ago

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Soaking your hands in hot water with 1c. of Epsom salts can help stop the cramping as it relaxes the muscles. Wait for fifteen minutes then apply ice pack for ten minutes, this will help numb the nerves and reduce the inflammation.

    If this does not help see your medical doctor for additional help.

    Source(s): Retired doctor of Naturopathic medicine
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    5 years ago

    Ok so like yeah I understand because my hand cramps when i do that for my bf and I want to stop but at the same time I want to continue for him. And I'm left handed but for some reason i'm only comfortable using my right hand. So what i've been doing for the last week or so is when we do have time to be alone after I get him all warmed up with my hand I start using my mouth when my hand cramps. He loves it! But not all girls are comfortable with oral, so talk to her and see what she thinks. Dont pressure her into anything!

  • 1 decade ago

    You may just have a lower potassium which can be cause by a number reasons. My mother, who is a doctor, would treatment all of my muscle cramps with bananas to raise my potassium levels. Try that. Inexpensive and simple, if nothing else what will you lose?

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    1 decade ago

    Might also be carpal tunnel--have you been typing a lot lately? Using your left hand in some sort of repetitive work? I got it once from doing a lot of knitting.

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