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hi, i'm looking for a cheap accomodation in edmonton, alberta in canada. plz help?

i got the job in holiday inn convention center,Holiday Inn Edmonton Convention Center is located approximately three miles from Whyte Avenue and 22 miles from Edmonton International Airport. This location is also three miles from the University of Alberta and Capilano Mall, seven miles from Sherwood Park, eight miles from the Skyreach Centre (hockey) and Northlands, and 13 miles from West Edmonton Mall and Fort Saskatchewan. so plz help me to find a cheap accomodation near this thank you

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    You have a number of areas to choose from. I dont' know where you are coming from so I'm going to give you a bit of break down....

    Ft. Sask- is farther out then you think. 13 miles is from the NORTH END (and way off course to where you are going) of the city which means by car it will take you approx. 45min to 1 hour of travel one way.. depends on weather, is a high accident zone (single highway most of the way), and if its peak busy time. Yet in the Fort. you will find better life style being outside the city, nicer and cheaper rents.. And most places there have HUGE yards. Very nice small city.

    Sherwood Park- Same as the Fort. Except you will be entering on the south east side of the city.. its closer to Edmonton but travel is horrible. Many,,, many people coming into the city daily by bus and vehicle.. peak time is nearly all day and night. Prices for rents are higher too.. There has been some good deals out there but dam hard to find. And crime rate is even higher then Edmonton due to young kids from rich parents. It's a yuppy community.

    Air port is no 22 miles.. I lived very close to the edge of the city on the use to take 15 minutes to drive there NOW... you are looking at an hour because of the high incoming travel each day. This is not in the city either.

    Now in the city itself... You have anumber of options.. Stay away from Downtown and Northend period. Alot of bad areas if you have a family this isnt where you want them to live not even temporary.

    Now in the city itself... You have a number of options.. Stay away from Downtown and North end period. A lot of bad areas if you have a family this isn’t where you want them to live not even temporary. Sure rents are cheaper that is because crime rate is a hell of a lot higher.

    There is some areas on the north that are great but that is REALLY north… it would take you over an 35min to an hour each way to reach the Convention Center.

    Whyte Ave is a club hot spot… Further away around the Bonnie Doon and Capilano are prime locations.. Rents are not so bad because most places are older. Bonnie Doon is pretty central can reach north, west and Southside, downtown within 15 minutes or so by car… for bus its not bad either 30 minutes or so. I lived in the Bonnie Doon area for 6 years I know that area the best other then Millwood’s in the south. Bonnie Doon and Capilano are your best options when first moving to the city.. easy access to so many other areas without getting mixed up to badly. Plus Millcreek Ravine is there nice park for pets and kids, bike riding and so forth.

    Depending on what you are looking for … a half decent places with 3 bedrooms will run you around $1000.00 to $2500.00 a month (this price is a mixture of houses, apartments and condos) .

    If you’re looking for a bachelor pad not too bad anywhere from $500 to $900…. Please remember places that are cheaper do come with a price. The companies and people who rent are taking advantage of the shortage of housing and have really jacked up prices for even horrible locations.

    Good luck and sorry this is so long... Edmonton and area are not simple to break down

    Source(s): Do a Google search= key words like this "home, apartments rental sites places in alberta" ... this site is a nice break down of laws and rental site links.
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    Having been a chef and worked in Edmonton for 2 year in 1982-84, your office is on what is refered to as the Southside, you may want to find a place in that area or near to Whyte Av, check out the local paper, the Edmonton Journal and Sun for places to live, you can access them on the net. I paid $350 for my one room place, now your going to pay $650-700 a month for a 1 bedroom place, for the short term try a room or share accomadation, you might find something there for under $500 a month.

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    there is a basement suite for rent it is 550 a month in the allendale area which should be a 20-25 min bike ride to your work area is nice and is close to lrt contact bella management@ 780-444-2665 for more info can view at address is 10809 54 ave shared laundry and utilities very reasonable

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