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What is the afterlife like?

Details please! i would like to prepare myslef suitably!

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    Well, The Afterlife has no definitive specifications as it depends entirely on the life you lead. If you are immoral, do not respect you body or others, commit wrongs relentlessly and do not repent or endeavour to make amends then The Afterlife for you will be harsh and unpleasant because you did not heed the warnings you would have received and failed to see the error of your ways. However, if you are a person with scrupples, value your body (although not to the point of narcissim!) repent when you do wrong and try to be a good and loving person then The Afterlife will be enjoyable and peaceful. We are all judged on our actions; whether they be directly or indirectly. If you live a good life you will be rewarded in The Afterlife but if you live a bad life then you too will be rewarded but I doubt very much that it will be to your liking.

    The Afterlife can take on many incarnations as they are many levels of existence after we die and before we are reborn. The better you live your life the better the outcome (The Afterlife) will be for you.

    There is no true preparation for the Afterlife as no one knows exactly what form it will take until they get there. The only way to prepare, assuming you want as good an Afterlife as possible is to live a good life. Depending on your religion, if you have one, and your beliefs. Look after your body as that is precious, do not degrade yourself as well as not allowing others to do so to you or you to them. Do not drink to excess, avoid all non-prescription/recreational drugs. Respect an love all regardless of their culture, gender etc. Do not waste your life on fruitless pursuits and enjoy being you.

    These are but a few things, if you are interested feel free to email me and I will be happy to help you if you are indeed serious.

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    A person who has knows there's an afterlife realises that the immortal human spirit is here for a greater purpose than just accumulating possessions, status, fame, or power. In contrast, those with no belief in an afterlife tend to create a society fixated on short-term results, without much thought for the consequences of their actions. To the believer in an afterlife, it is apparent that life is an opportunity to grow by enhancing the soul's capacity to give and receive love. Life gives us the chance to change ourselves and to understand the purpose of existence. Those who acknowledge the world of the spirit are more likely to take personal responsibility for their lives and live to a high moral standard than those who don't.

  • Just look at the scriptures. Every scripture has its own unique description.

    From an Islamic viewpoint I can definitely say that the afterlife is e-t-e-r-n-a-l. It lasts for ever and depending on the life you've led here on earth, you either dwell in Heaven or rot in Hell (for eternity).

    I don't know about females, but we boys will get virgins to sleep with if we've obeyed God's word. There will be the choicest of wines and all will be good. There won't be any sort of unpleasantness and we'll be in a state of (eternal) delight. Also, our bodies will become young and 'youthful' and will never grow old.

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    We arrive it is called birth.

    We hang out here for a while we call it living.

    We leave it is called death.

    After death is nothing

    Really why should there be ?

    Unless you feel insecure about living and if that is the case then go and do something about it.

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    I agree that in the remote possibility there is and afterlife, it is a subject best left to the dead, one that merits no concern from the living.

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    depends on what was done in the former life... "The Gita explains 'Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body,...that state he will attain without fail [in the next life].'"

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    Is a nice beautiful place full of void called oblivion.

  • who knows I have never been there , but here is what I believe

    if you have Jesus as your savior & repent of your sins (to him) then you shall go to heaven

    if you don't then you will end up in hell

    to each their own & believe as you wish

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    you can fly and walk through walls

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    Haa haa, to bad your asking the living.

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