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well about a week and a half ago my boyfriend sed he wanted some space so we went on a break i didnt handle it very well still amnt handling it to be honest. Been wit him 5years this year and i know we are both young (im 19&his 21) but its the way he is being so cold and harsh about it. I know im doing everything wrong, ringing him and texting him all the time crying i look like a lunatic but i cant help it its like his not bothered. Now he never was 1 to show his feelings the odd time maybe,His a pure mans man &hates women cuz his mother left when he was young(to which i think get over it every1 has dare own problems)he takes out on me what his mother done 2 him. He is being just selfish to be honest and i know its of now but its hurting me so much iv swore to myself not to contact him and i told him not to contact me...Al his friends know I was way 2good 2 him,doing everything for him&i know he knows it 2,I just want him 2 realize it.....Words of encouragment r something please??!

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    Sweetie, I am sorry your heart's been broken. As someone who has been there, done that, I will tell you, that it hurts a lot right now to be away from this man, but you are so much better without him. It sounds like he has a lot of problems of his own and is not good in a relationship. You just can't be in a relationship with someone like that. They don't make good partners. No matter how many times they tell you they love you, if they hurt you and act selfish, they aren't holding up their end of the bargain, and where does that leave you?

    You need to stop thinking of him and start thinking of yourself. I think you know that already, from your post. Just start small and take it one step at a time. Every time you think of calling him, call a friend instead. Make plans and fill your schedule so you are out and not sitting home thinking of this guy. Go for a walk if you have to. Don't let yourself sit and be sad and cry over this guy. I think sadness breeds more sadness honestly. Yes, you need to cry to get it out, but there is a point you need to stop that and focus on the positives, and now is the time. After a while of making yourself focus on the positives, it will start becoming automatic and you'll start to be happy again without this man.

    Source(s): Had to get over a 4-year breakup myself, but a few years later met the man of my dreams and now I'm married with two babies. Life is good!
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    You are not going to get him to realize that you were good to him UNTIL you leave him alone. If you continue to call and text him, he will alienate you to a point he might go and get an order of protection against you for harassing him with phone calls and text messages. Is this what you want?

    Why would you want to be with someone that has so much hatred for women? This makes no sense at all.

    You were involved with him since you were 14 years old. You have no idea that there are many other good and decent young men out there AND now you have the opportunity to meet new people. You need to see that not all young men dislike woman and would love to have a wonderful young woman in their life.

    You are in the best years of your life right now. Set some goals for yourself. If you plan to go to college, then get started on getting enrolled in school. Do something more productive with your life then sitting and being so upset. life really does go on.

    Be proud of yourself ...

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    Move on. You're still young. Leave it alone and work on your goals and personal stuff. It is okay to break down to cry, just try not to be in the atmosphere to do so. Most of us who had our heart broken gone through it. Just keep yourself busy from thinking about him and move on. Of course it takes time but it goes by faster when you keep yourself busy with things. Just become a better person and realize what he has lost. You did your best trying to be with him. Now do your best to work on yourself. You'll find someone else who would appreciate you for you.

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    hah girl i don't know u but still i can say that ur really stupid to cry for someone that left u,i did it a lot of time and the person never come back so let him go and get urself someone that will really love u for who ur and not be woth u for a while and then get the idear that u r not the only one. so take it easy and chill life is a thing when u learn u grow.

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    Sweety you really have answered your own know he was mean coz of what happened to him but if he really loved you , well you hjust dont treat people like that no matter what. you know even his friends say you were too good so doent that say something more about your situation... look at this as a lesson. you know you deserve better so forget about him . your doing well so far..... i know you want him top realsi but he has to do this on his own and in his own time. and yeah he wil;l regret it... but hey he should of thought about that before he started to treat you mean........ your still young and hey you will have your heart broken many more times but thats all part of life....... it will make you stonger for the next relationship you encounter so just look at this as a stepping stone to a new stong minded you....... dont look back just look forward coz you have the while world in front opf you. ...hang out with your girlie friends and even ur good male friends . maybe change your number and delete his.... or wait untill your totally ready to do that but be strong and dont call him........ otherwise you will just be making it harder on yourself.!!!!!!!! Good luck and cheer up.

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    Are all men like this or what, i am in the same boat, my bf just broke up with me, something in my head tells me to move on and everything will move on, then the crying spell comes about and shatters me, then i act a lunatic, phoning him when i swore not to either, it makes me sick, to think that this man who said he loved acts like our entire relationship didnt mean nothing. I had to phone him , he didnt phone me, and i am the one who tries to solve the problem, nothing on his part, what a jerk he can be, i pour my heart out, and he say nothing. I think you sould just give it time and more thought, i mean yur so young, and there is more men out there, so i wouldnt think your life is over because of this, when my first love dumped me, i could not get over him ,then my bf charmed me and i forgot about whats his face, if you think its worth saving, think of what you want for your future, does it involve him. you know

  • Aww thats sad so sorry but I think you should move on. If he really likes u he ll come back. I mean, just go talk to some other guy he doesn't have to be your next boyfriend. If he really likes you he'll be more affected if you get extra friendly(not too friendly) with one of his close friends. If he doesn't react then move on your life must go on. But don't expect his reaction too soon OK? Just try to make him as jealous as possible if it doesn't work move on. Or if you want you can just go talk to him personally don't have to text him. He is not likely to try and escape if you talk to him personally

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    you can give all those god stuff you have to me,wow i think he is a fool not to see how much of a god person you are.

    any guy would be lucky to have you.

    don't let it get you down OK? put your chin up and look towards the future.just cos he doesn't want you doesn't mean the world should end for you.

    this is the time for you to focus on yourself and learn to love yourself.look in the mirror at that beautiful person and tell them you will make them happy OK?

    live your life,your time is now.get up!!

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    hey when he knows wat u've done for him and also his frns know wat u've done for him then there is no point in getting along with him any more he will come to you if he really loves you and know what even i've gone through the same thing but that was always on my head doubting we had fights all i can tell u is just relax let things be dont call him or msg him let him contact you n u keep yourself occupied all the time so that u dont miss him as much u love him he will soon realise it one day.

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