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So what was the movie "Planet of the Apes" about anyway?

And why where all the reverends and politicians (Dr. Zaeus) of mixed ape race? Weird.

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    It is basically about some astronauts that go into space on a long journey. While they are gone, the humans kill themselves in wars. The apes rise to a position of superiority and set up their own society. The astronauts return to a changed planet. Watching the movie we get to see some of the same social organization, prejudices, politics in the ape society as were in the human society. Along with that it allows for some escapism while one watches it. I thought it was kind of interesting about the third time I watched it and picked up some of the subtleties in it.

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    the apes themselves were all sterotyped to begin with..

    the military were represented by the gorillas..which tend to be bigger ..stronger and ofcourse dumber..the virtual muscles of the empire.

    the doctors/scientist etc were oranatanges..which tend to be smaller yet smarter.

    one could even go as far to say that the gorillas tend to be of a darker color( perhaps the movie is a political statement

    ??? perhaps the gorillas represent africian americans in the 70s) physically stronger yet not that well educated

    especially in comparison with the lighter skinned/less violent white folks )who really are in power of the 70s.

    the planet of the apes movie is a one of those allorgories of what will happen if we mess with mother nature...

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    It wasn't about anything. It gave us something entertaining to look at while passing the bong.

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    Went way over my head too.

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    don't worry yourself about it its so stupid i mean the movie

    i didnt watch it but i know that it sucks

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