absolute location of Seoul, South Korea?

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    The absolute location of Seoul, South Korea is

    37* North and 126* East

    Here's more details about Seoul:


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    The absolute location of Seoul, South Korea is 37* North and 126* East

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    Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world in population It serves as the centre of South Korea's cultural, economic, educational, financial, governmental, and political activities.

    The absolute location is 37.57 n * 127 e

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    Why do you ask "absolute" location? What is the difference between an ordinary location, and an "absolute" location?

    Seoul, South Korea is absolutely located south of Janggok and east of Inch'on. And it is absolutely located on the Han river.

    These people who say it is 37 degrees North and 126 degrees East, they are giving you the **RELATIVE* location, not the absolute location. Degrees north and east are relative to the latitude and longitude system of Western civilization.

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    Flying will take while and get very exspensive just get to seoul stationa nd take the KTX its costs 70,000 regular or 100,000 for first class round trip and only takes about an hour and 45 minutes ....I live in wae gwan rght out side of Taegu And love going to seoul as often as possible.

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    Geographic coordinates : 330-430 NL, 1240-1310 EL

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    Well Seoul is where it should be ! It is there for centuries , where it is now ! By God! it never changed its position! (lol).And it will remain there for a long time too!

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