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Guinea Pig Toy Suggestions?

I just got a my first guinea pig and need suggestions for toys. Give me as many ideas has u can.

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    Welcome to the world of piggies! They are very sweet, delightful creatures.

    Toys I have used:

    1. A shoebox turned upside with holes cut in all four sides to run in & out of.

    2. Quaker Oats oatmeal cylinder with the ends cut out.

    3. A paper bag laid on its side with some hay stuffed in it. (This is a favorite--I think they like the way the bag sounds when they run in it)

    4. Toilet paper tubes stuffed with hay.

    5. A wadded up ball of notebook paper. Some pigs like to just toss it around the cage with their noses.

    A Note of Caution: Do NOT go get one of those plastic balls that allows them to roll around. Although they are sold for hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs, they can cause damage to your pig's back. Their spines do not bend the same way as other animals.

    Because piggies are herd animals, please consider adopting him/her a same-sex friend. They do best when with another of their own kind. May I suggest finding a local shelter or rescue (see for a buddy?

    A very inexpensive cage can be built to house your piggie. Please see or for information & instructions. Your piggie will be so much happier!

    Great sources of information on how to care for your piggie can be found at or

    Good luck!

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    Do NOT Get If you can't remember what TO get, at least remember what NOT to get. Do not get hamster or ferret balls. The guinea pig will not know what to do and may easily suffocate. Also, do NOT get them any kind of wheel. They don't hate wheels, but they will never use them. However, they will stare at them and, very occasionally, use it as a butt-scratching device. Think "baby" when selecting a toy for a guinea pig - anything you give the piggy will eventually go in his or her mouth. This means no toys that are made of harmful metals, questionable paint (especially lead paint) and put together with any kind of staple or toxic glue. Also, don't give them anything that you don't want them to chew. Do Get You don't have to spend a lot of money to amuse a guinea pig. This is one of the joys of keeping guinea pigs (or being kept by them - whatever the case may be!) Great toys for guinea pigs will mimic things they love to do - nibble and burrow. These things include: paper bags their water bottles (they will play with the ball inside the spout, sometimes just to hear the noise) big, overturned flower pots (NOT plastic!) scrunched up balls of blank computer paper (nothing with dyes on it) with a tidbit inside PVC pipes to hide in big paper towel rolls or toilet paper cardboard rolls old clothes or towels you don't want anymore old socks filled with hay small, empty cardboard boxes, with perhaps a side taken out, or sturdy enough for Piggy to perch on treat sticks or chew sticks made for guinea pigs shoeboxes with part cut out so piggy can poke his or her head out "hideaways" or "igloos" made of non-toxic or edible materials

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    GPs love to chew. Mine enjoys a "ball" made of wooden cylinders with a nut at the center. She ignores most other toys, but that one she works on that for days at a time. It's available at pet shops. She also likes carboard tubes that she can run through. She dashes in and out and chews on the ends. You can get them in pet shops, too, but Quaker Oats boxes are the same thing for a lot less.

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