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how much should a 5"5 14 yr old girl weigh?

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    It depends...if you're weigh more...if you're not muscular but you weigh more than your friends...your a little bit plump...this is because muscle weighs more than fats...and if you can...don't try to's not good...thrust me...if you do'll affect your might not be able to grow taller if you do so...

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    Well I am 12 and weigh 110 so you should be pretty good. Maybe just a little bit to skinny. If you really want to know how much you should weigh visit this website:

    Oh and make sure you scroll down so that you can do the activity.

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    The average is probably 110?

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    about 7 stone

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    there r children growth charts available in hospitals. pick the suitable 1 and plot it. pls consult your medical officer or paediatrician for interpretation


    try this free software.. this will give u the appropriate weight for your height and age. plus, you will get guidance on the right calorie intake and diet required for u to become and remain healthy.

    good luck


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    for your hight you can be weight from 110-121

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    1 stone if above 1 stone u r obese nd need to diet!

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