the silent ..............?

landlord! i live in a open plan appartment in london (gorgeous)

but my landlord is spoiling it for me! whenever i am just about to go and curl up in my queen size bed he runs in and says he is doing a room check, but then he syas oh sorry im in the wrong room he does it nearly every night and its getting creepy, how do i stop him without getting kicked out!


the landlord has keys to every room where i am!

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    Maybe sometime you should try to talk it over with him. He might be very nervous and confused himself. Ask him which room he's supposed to be going into, make sure he's double-checking before rushing into rooms and let him know that you're going to sleep at that hour.

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    ...I'm not certain that this "open apartment arrangement" would be my cup of tea either Jenn...but also this landlord of yours is absolutely the most inconsiderate bastard you know right now too. I'd say he borders on creepy and criminal really...and that would leave me feeling huge amounts of discomfort as well. You should be allowed your own privacy completely in your own room hun,...and the fact that he checks in on you while you're in your own private quarters borders in extremely unethical behavior. I'd report his activities to your local authorities,...and then I'd move out of this publicly shared situation, and find more private residence somewhere else as quickly as humanly possible. Your entire physical and mental existence is on display in this openly arranged environment. I can't imagine wanting to live in a situation like that Jenn...and I can also see that neither do YOU! Find another place to be residing in that has more privacy for YOU reasonably. This unethical peeping Tom guy is trying to catch you in a state of undress darling. Only your most special lover should be finding you in that state of reality hun...not your landlord!

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    Tell him being landlord doesn't give him the right to barge in for a free show. It's obvious why he is doing it. He should be more cognizant of your privacy. Tell him to call you on the phone before he barges in on you. Doing it without notice is harrassment.

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    you cant lock the door? and if that doesnt work, perhaps ask him if there is something he is looking for since he peeps in every night. i dont think you should worry about him kicking you out cause do you really want a live with a perv?

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    to avoid such stupid humanities act you must make a sharp eye & voice.Next time when situation arrives,say him directly"why you forget or do the same act again & again,R u of sick mind thats forget quilky"Pls.if this happens from next time I will leave the apartment.An kindly for your own satisfaction" you can come after knock at door only" .

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    Report him to a housing tribunal or something.

    Or get the locks changed...

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    wow you should report him...cos...cos...its wrong man. how disgustingly creepy! maybe you should get a lock! yea a lock : - )

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