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can an employer force me to wear a bra?

I want a part time job. I went for an interview in a local supermarket, and the manager told me I had to wear a bra. The uniform shirt is not see thru and I am only a B cup. Can they force me?

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    It depends upon the employment laws in your area, but my guess is that whether they have that legal right or not, employers often dictate rules and regulations concerning the dress of their employees. If they refuse to hire you or fire you for such an "offense", you probably have recourse through the courts, but since it's a part-time job and you're still young, your parents might not be willing to incur the expenses and aggravation of a lawsuit, especially since you'd need to prove that the lack of a bra was the issue.

    It's a sad commentary on our society that people feel that they have the right to dictate what underwear someone wears....or doesn't wear.

    Good luck, B.

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    Some people don't realise their clothes are see though and under certain light it might be. Also, if you have really perky nipples and they're always really noticable through your work shirt, that might be a bit weird. Grocery stores run on PR and customer satisfaction. If your boss thinks customers will think less of the store because an employee doesn't wear a bra and some of her assets are showing through it might make the store look bad and the customers could go somewhere else. I worked in a grocery store for 2 years and I was a member of the local union (you had to be) and they had a workers manuel that stated a manager can approve and disapprove of a look as he/she sees fit. It is their store. A lot of places have dress codes.

    BTW, how did he/she even know you didn't wear bras? Obviously if you weren't wearing one and he/she commented on it, it's noticable and everyone will be able to tell. So unless you want to have your girls out on display, you should wear a bra.

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    A push-up bra was required at one place I worked......(helped show off the costume as a cocktail waitress.) Unfortunatly I wasn't endowed enough to where that would be much help and they wanted me to stuff it as well. I contacted a lawyer and it my particular case undergarments were considered part of the required uniform. They had changed management and this was the changes this new guy wanted to make or else I'd have never applied for the job. Anyway....I had to quit as a result of it because it wasn't the "uniform" I hired on to wear. I would think they would be within their rights to ask that. They instruct girls to wear white panties only when maybe their uniform bottoms are slightly see through. (Like some nurses uniforms) I've been told what color nylons I've had to wear...what color nail polish or no nail polish and all sorts of things. I was in one place recently where the employees were not allowed to use lotioned tissues....there or at home. No hand lotions etc. There or at home. I agree it doesn't seem right but you could ask for other clarifications such as other bra types besides sports bras as long as they don't have metal in them. They could just think maybe the only bras without metal are sports bras and just used that as a generic example.

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    It's debatable. Only a court can decide. The number one factor is if the manager has it in print, as in the employee manuel. If it isn't there you could possibly sue for him making the comment in the first place. Court isn't about "He said, She said". It's about what's written down. You should have asked if it was during the interview.

    The employer has a good chance of winning as well, as it is a family targeted environment, and he could argue that the dress code requires you to wear a bra.

    I'd find a place where it doesn't matter.

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    Effectively yes.

    OK, your breasts are smaller than average, but big enough to be described as breasts. And obvious.

    If you'd been totally flatchested and hadn't got prominent nipples either, it wouldn't be noticeable that you had obvious breasts, nor would most people look twice. You could also have argued that a bra was irrelevant as you hadn't got breasts. However as it is you can reasonably be expected, even though your breasts are a bit undersized, to conform to society's usual dress practices.

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    Depends on applicable laws where you live! However, if the right laws are in effect, the answer is yes. Generally, an employer has the right to control how an employee dresses (thank god).

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    Only if you want to work there. You are agreeing to their terms by accepting a job.. and the manager has given you one of the terms of your employment.

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    yes it is called hire at will. they can hire you and fire you for any reason that is not discrimanatory. not wearing a bra is one of those reasons. As long as the manager handled the issue in a professional manner than there is no issue. If he said although I like looking at those sweet *** titties I am gonna have to ask you to cover them up, of course its still ok if you dont wear panties than there is an issue.

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    I have a fat friend that I work with that needs to wear one. He's a boy and he has boobies, it looks nasty.

    I don't think bras will help him though. Being fat leads to other dangerous health problems.

    I think if someone told him to wear one he would quit.

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    Why should they force you? Probably they just said it would be better if... I think nobody forces you to work in that supermarket. Yet, why not wearing one?

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