Canon S3 IS or Canon IXUS700(SD500)?

which is better in overall features?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    These are quite different, plus the SD500 is rather old. Are you looking at a used model?

    I'd throw the SD700-IS into this comparison, as it is a current model and much more like the S3-IS for features. The main differences are the S3 has monstrous zooming capabilities, but the SD700 will fit into your pocket.

    Check out this comparison page. Click on "In-depth review" and "Read Owner Opinions" for each camera. Be sure to note that the reviews are many pages long so you don't stop after page one. Check the sample images, also. You can enlarge these to full size images if you click on the file name shown below the picture.

    You will have to then put your cursor in the white space to the right of the picture and click once. After that, you can pass your cursor over the image and it will turn into a magnifier. Click it as a magnifier once and the image will go to full size and you can really examine the detail or look for artifacts like fringing or noise.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    S3 IS go super macro mode and better photographic capability.

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