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Is there REALLY such a thing as "White Privilege"?

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Update 2:

wow use cluttering your head with other options, huh?

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    I think it still exists but it's not as bad as 50+ years ago. Things have improved a lot for minorities.

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    well considering that the vast majority of the wealth is controlled by white people...

    one of two options are open:

    1. white people are just better, smarter and work harder, so they make more


    2. there is white privilege, overall

    so, it seems to me... either you think there is white privilege, or you're a racist...

    if someone has another explanation, I'm all ears...

    EDIT: again, if you have a reason, I'm all ears.. but that's all I got... there could be a PERFECTLY rational explanation for it all...that I could have missed...

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    I don't believe in racism, however I think the race card is played so much because those using it see it as the only way they can get their way. I have seen cases where it wasn't about race yet it was made into a racial situation because they played that race card because they didn't agree with the decision of the Commissioners. It's high time we stop whining about how Uncle Tom is doing me wrong and start working together for the betterment of mankind. Discrimination is rare but does exist on both race, sex, and other factors but it's rare. The race card is played as much as credit cards are used at the local Wal-mart in the name of getting my way. That is wrong.

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    There are some people out there that think so. I feel like that kind of thinking could push to a mass extermination of white people in the United States and Europe.

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    Ask Tiger Woods.................... and his White wife.

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    You also have to have money.

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