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Handball is a Sport?

is there a triple jerk?

long distance?

cross- country?

oh this a different HANDBALL!!! my bad

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    triple JERK?

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    There is a big difference between Handball and Handball. Depending where one lives. Here in Europe, Handball is an indoor sports, and it sure as heck is a sport, not to confuse with Handball in a court, like in the US, which is similar to Squash or Racquetball (players, forgive me for being so blunt!), because the European Handball is called Team-Handball in the US and is currently only played in some colleges around the country, mainly in the Gerogia and California areas. Nevertheless, if you have ever attempted to play either one, you will discover that both are sports, whereas the European version is much more physical than you can ever imagine, untill you are out on that floor and feeling the pain :).

    As the person above me, I used to coach and referee Handball for over 20 years until I switched to become a Football coach :) - no, not soccer - FOOTBALL. :)

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    What kind of handball are you referring to? If it is the one wall, 3 wall or 4 wall handball played throughout the united states (most famous in new york), then it is not a sport because it is not played in the olympics. However many people who play the game like myelf consider it a sport.

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    a wall-hitting handball is NOT a sport if u mean that. But, there is a beautiful sport in which u play like a mix of football and basketball. The goal of that game is to score goals, there r a lot of rules, and it would take me ages to explain them.

    Source(s): I train handball (real one)...
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    handball is an Olympic sport, it is kinda like basketball, but instead of a basket, they play with a small soccer net thingy and you have to shoot from the three point line range. I only know this from playing handball in my gym class. it's kinda fun. you play with a dodgeball thing and peg the goalie as hard as you can to try to score.

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    Yes it envolves lots of running and hand eye cornination

  • It's not really a sport

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