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Language and identity?

How do you these two words relate?

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    there's a concept called "multiple identity".

    a person owns more than one single identity.

    for example:

    david kim barnes


    23 years old

    junior student majoring English literature in Cambridge

    he's the 3rd kid in his family

    and his nationality is canadian

    his grandparents from the mother's side are Korean immigrants

    ow.. he joins the football team in his campus, which is always not in good terms against the volleyball club

    David has multiple identity of:

    A Barnes.

    A Korean overseas.

    A Canadian.

    A Cambridge student.

    A football team member.

    He could use one of these identities depending who his counterpart is.

    language, is one of one's identity components.

    When he's home with his mother's family, David speaks Korean, but he speaks english in other communities.

    That's part of his identity.

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    Well language reveals much more than the actual message you are trying to transmit:

    There's voice: high-pitched= open and fully self-confident personality/ low-pitched= shy and smacking of a lack of self esteem! Overpowered!!!

    Choice of words: slangs, swear words= not very cultured personality/ complex but concise words= very learned!

    Number of words= high= verbal diarrhea, talkative!!! Lolz/ limited = very much to the point, got a clear idea of your objective!!!

    rhythm= same pattern= you're bored and nt at all involved in the conversation/ variable= alive and alert, keeping the attention of yr audience

    body language: if it's connected to the message yr trying to pass= your fully involved and yr very much expressive!/ If it's not connected to yr message, e.g. the twisting of fingers, rolling of a pen= your nervous and nt at all in control of yr emotions, of the situation!!!

    This is your personality that's being exposed through these!!!

    And yr personality along with E.Q. (Emotional Quotient), i.e your ability to deal with stressful/unexpected situation, makes up your identity!

    P.S. If that was a reference to whether your speaking french, english, german or whatever, then you can't really base yrself on that to judge people, can you!? There are fools who speak french, likewise there are erudites who express themselves in french!!! Same for every other language!!!

    Unless your focusing on a regional/cultural basis: like, maybe you'd think someone speaking arab is to be avoided etc!!!

    And that would be absolute trash!!! Don't get fooled by appearances!!!

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    language goes along with identity... one basis of your personality is through language.. when people knew what language you are speaking, they will relate your personality to the culture of the country with that kind of language..

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