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Chemical taste when eating certain foods.?

as of lately I get a chemical taste in my mouth when consuming certain foods & drinks (even my favourites!)

It tastes like I just swallowed a bottle of shampoo.

Like milk, tea (earl grey) ham, blueberries, strawberries, probiotic yoghurts and even sometimes when drinking (filtered or not) water

what could be the cause of this? and how can I treat / fix this?

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    You might need to see a dentist as i could be something to do with your teeth. On the other hand are you sure that someone is'nt trying to poison you?!

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    Personally speaking I viewed it as a good thing and discontinued use of anything that left that effect in my mouth...I usually eat organic or as natural as possible as afforded and felt way better, but lately resorted to eating regular food. I use an organic earl grey and love it, no problem. Perhaps you have other factors that have made your taste buds more sensitive, receptive to artifical ingredients...as for the water certain factors could be involved like is it a home filter that needs changing? You have to ask yourself the questions like an investigator and answer yourself...if you have been doing internal cleansing; i.e., like colon cleansing, or just eating better food products and went back to regular grown popular stuff? Hope this helps. And of course check with your docl, do some lab work, if possible.

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    alot of medicines have that side effect but if u aren't taking anything it could be anything like something to do with bacteria level or molecules on your tongue or in the nose, how we taste things is mostly related to smell and olfactory senses so u might have a sinus problem- an ear, nose throat doctor or allergy specialist might be able to test & see whats going on

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    I was beginning to think I was the only one. I am eating mostly organic food as a result. This really sucks.

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