What are some of your encounters with acids, bases, & salts in everyday life besides the obvious water?

In addition, state whether they have certain effects on you.

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    Every substance ingested into the body, either through the skin, through the mouth and stomach, through the nose, or any other method, all substances have either an alkaline, neutral or acidic base, and most have some form of salt, or sodium, content. The more distant a food is from a neutral base, the greater the effect on the body, and the more salt the greater the effect. You excrete salt through the skin when you sweat, so those salts must be replaced, but unless you're doing hours of highly strenuous exercise every day, you probably don't notice your body needing to replace salts when it's low, but I guarantee you'll notice when it's too high.

    The human body is complex, in that some areas are designed to be highly acidic, and the higher the better, and others are designed to be highly alkaline, and the higher the better. Most operate best at a neutral Ph, and knowing which areas need what sort of nutrients and how to supply what you need is a balancing act that you would best benefit from talking in person with a nutritionist about on this subject. I can tell you it is highly involved and takes disipline and patience.

    excessive salt will dehydrate. excessive salt plus excessive water will have a camel effect, holding extra water in your body long term.

    Excessive acid will cause heartburn.

    excessive alkaline will cause indigestion and constipation.

    Different combinations of these will have an effect on the texture, frequency and smell of your sweat, urine and feces.

    Learn all you can, then become humble and learn some more lol. Good luck mate.

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    acid has the lemon, i dont remember clearly the name acid, it maybe citric acid. It has in lemon juice.

    base, u use it everyday. it has in soap. the formular is NaOH.

    salt, u eat it everyday. The most popular salt u know, it's sodium chloride NaCl, its has a lot in sea.

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