What are my eviction without a lease agreement but paid by check to old landlord?

Paid by check to the late landlord thru December, and then to the surviviors thru April, and now they want to raise rent extremely... Do they have to evict me with a 30 day notice?

This is in Michigan.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are absent a written lease agreement with your late landlord, the current owners may raise your rent to full extent allowed by law. I am not aware of any rent control programs in Michigan, so I'd venture the sky is the limit on a monthly rent price. If you continue to abide by their demands, they must under law give you notice to vacate at least thirty days in advance of your rent due date. If you default on the terms, you can be evicted somewhat more rapidly.

  • 4 years ago

    i imagine it will be time to stumble on a sparkling position to stay. in case you cant discover the money for that immediately, attempt to maintain up some money for an homestead with those that really care about how the guy residing there is doing. in case you won't be able to stumble on a sparkling position to stay, and do finally end up going to court for eviction, do not carry back. tell the court all the topics you've been having, and tell how he hasn't fixed them.

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