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Can I eat viennas whilst pregnant?

I am 7wks pregnant and I am absolutely dying for a hotdog - the cravings are getting bad:) :) Is it ok to eat viennas while you are pregnant. I know they say Deli meats aren't good but does viennas fall into that catagory?

Thanks guys?

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    Oh honey its just a hotdog! Eat and be merry! Some people smoke crack during their pregnancy!!! HAHA

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    U can eat mayo but I would do it only from ur jar at home where u know it has been handled properly. Don't eat deli meAt unless u microwave it though. If u don't feel sick then chances r u did not get listeria and r fine. There r so many scary things u can get while pregnant but chances r u will be fine and so will ur baby. Ok? So try not to stress (I know I do everytime I'm pregnant) I used to be bored and wanna look up everything about pregnancy but sometimes it causes unneccesary worry. Just listen to ur doc and try to take up a safe hobby to do while pregnant. If it's gardening make sure u wear gloves. U can knit or crochet or when I found out I was having a girl I bejeweled all my sons clothes and dyed them pink and purple and it was really fun. Oh and I was addicted to the baby shows. Lol

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    My wife never changed her diet just because she was pregnant. Her choice of foods changed, but no pickles and ice cream. I never heard that deli meats weren't good. Can someone explain this?

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    Yes, they are deli meats, and I love them. They are a food that should be avoided by everyone, not just pregnant women. However, I tell all my pregnant patients, everything in moderation. Especially in those early weeks when they are nauseous and crave only certain foods.

    Source(s): I'm a doc.
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    They say that b/c of the preservatives and additives, go to the butcher and have some fresh hot dogs/wieners/sausages made from USDA beef

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    Our parents ate deli meat, and we are still alive..

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    Its because of nitrates. It can cause your and your babies blood to not carry oxygen properly, which can lead to a ton of problems. Its time to take care of your baby now, lay off the processed meats.

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    i ate viennas when i was pregnant. i microwave it though..just to be sure. Everything's alright so far :)

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    Yes, but make sure you heat it thoroughly, as it could contain listeria. The bacteria, if any, will be killed by cooking it.

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