What is the best jeans fit for people who are a bit overweight and have wider hips?

I weigh 155 pounds and I'm 5 ft, 4 inches. I have a hard time buying jeans because no cut seems to look good on me. What should I go for? My hips are wide and then my lower half tapers down, so most jeans make my lower body look like a V. Most of the ones I see these days seem to be low rise and these don't sit well at all on my hips. If the low rise ones fit at the hips, they seem to run loose elsewhere. What fit should I look for?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hmmm i know this sounds gay but go for pants that are higher up obviously... probably just under the belly button. and buy the jeans that have a little stretch to the waste so that way there you can buy them to fit your legs first and then they stretch to fit your tummy. i have the same type of body kinda... and thats what i have to do.

    oh and btw... is the name blue bird that u have, come from the song by cassie steele?

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