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Is there any results in one month for bodybuilding?

I just started bodybuilding in the middle of april and do anyone of you think there will be any changes on -15 may-

I do 4 sets 20 reps a day training more on my Abs, Chest, and biceps...

Can my chest (33inch) go to 33.5 and my biceps (11inch) go to 11.3inch?

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    yeah, but for better results i would back off the reps and make sure you get plenty of rest in between workouts.

    I do 4 sets of 4-6 reps, once every 8 days for each excersize and have gained 25 pounds of muscle in the last 3 months. And my bench has gone up about 60 Lbs. (bench 325 now).

    good luck

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    Can't guarantee the change in size.. but if you are training with a good technique you should see results in around three weeks. By that I mean, you will start to see some definition.

    Why are you working on the top half when all the really big muscles are just below your waste... lol.. your thighs that is! I say this because with the number of reps you are doing it is reasonably likely that you are going to tone up those muslce groups rather than bulk up. That's not a bad thing mind you.. probaby a great approach... but you are missing out the greatest fat burners... your legs and butt... and if you want results you gotta get rid of the puppy fat surrounding those existing muscles by burning fat. Working your legs will reduce any fat on your arms too... your body doesn't discriminate when it needs to burn energy it will take if from any available place. My thoughts.

    Oh BTW... After six months training my size actually got smaller... but that is because I reduced by body fat from 28% down to 11% and I actually only lost 2 kg in weight.

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