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I'm 10 weeks pregnant???

I went to the doctor on Saturday and he did an ultrasound. He said I'm 10 weeks along. However, I know my husband and I had intercourse exactly 8 weeks ago. He said doctors always add two weeks to the length of pregnancy.

I'm confused.

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    Yes, we always add two weeks. That's because based on a regular monthly cycle we use the landmark of your first period to date a pregnancy. This means that you were pregnant for two weeks before you conceived. It's confusing.

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    I didn't get that either when I was pregnant, but now it kind of makes sense.

    Here's the deal... with every period, your body is preparing for pregnancy. So, therefore, Day 1 of your period is considered Day 1 of pregnancy, so to speak. If pregnancy doesn't occur, you get your period and a new cycle begins. If pregnancy does occur, Day 1 of your last period is used to mark the beginning of pregnancy. Basically, pregnancy term and fetal age are always two weeks apart for this reason. For the sake of your sanity and so you can have an intelligent conversation with your doctor regarding your pregnancy from now on, just go by the gestational date adding the two weeks. For all intents and purposes, you are 10 weeks pregnant.

    Congrats on the baby!

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    Doctors don't actually "add" two weeks to the length of a pregnancy - a pregnancy is dated from the first day of the period immediately before conception plus 280 days.

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    Yea, basically when u ovulate your egg is already two weeks old before it is fertilized. So as soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg you are considered to be two weeks pregnant already. It has something to do with the fact that it takes the egg two weeks to get ripe enough to travel through your fallopian tube, etc, etc. I know it confusing, but I hope this helped. Sorry if I confused you even further..lol.

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    Yeah!!! very confusing though... but dont worry. Trust your doctor and just take care of yourself whether u are 10 weeks pregnant or something.

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    yea that's right i know its confusing lol. Congrats.

    Mom of 4

    and 10 weeks pregnant with no 5

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    That's right, you don't count from the day you fell pregnant you count from the first day of your last period which is generally 2 weeks before you ovulate and fall pregnant. Confused the bejeebers out of me too, i knew the exact date i fell pregnant with my first... count forty weeks from the first day of your last period and that is your due date... just to confuse you more your due date is give or take 2 weeks as well... congrats!

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    omg! that probably explains my situation! last wensady @ my first prental visit ...the doctor meausured my uterus @ 9 weeks when according to the calcultors online with my last period date i would be about 7 weekS!.... i still dont belive him so im scheduled for an ultr sound on may 12! ....good luck! i guess we have plenty time to actualy grasp what they mean! ...lol! ........................much luck!

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    ultra sound & sonography tell the age of pregeancy according to the thigh bone lenght, or head curcumference , or size od fittess not ur mc dates. so don't worry

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